The Folk School at Florida Maritime Museum

Fabric dyeing with plant base dye is one of several classes offered at The Folk School at Florida Maritime Museum.

The Folk School focuses on providing a supportive environment, a place where anyone can come to learn skills that instill in our community a sense of pride and dignity in our local culture. The classes we offer help preserve the folk skills and heritage crafts of Cortez Fishing Village, and early communities throughout Florida, that are at risk of being lost.

Through donations like yours we are able to keep costs low for students, purchase better supplies for routinely taught classes, offer more intensive training in subjects that require many materials, as well as ensure ongoing events and programming.

If you’d like to apply your donation to a specific need, our wishlist is below:

15 Fillet knives – $375

30 sets of net mending needles and nets: $450

30 crochet kits- $400

30 spools of yarn – $150

10 Burlap table clothes – $250

10 Patio lights – $200

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